What is Paithani Silk and Five Types of Paithani Saree in 2022

What is Paithani Silk and Five Types of Paithani Saree in 2022, India has long been recognised for its handloom and fabric weaving industries. Furthermore, Indian women's love affair with handloom sarees has lasted for decades. These priceless Indian handloom sarees were kept and passed down to the daughter as a treasured heirloom from their mother. The Paithani Silk Saree, which has been worn by Maharashtrian brides for generations, is one such prized Indian saree. There isn't a Maharashtrian wedding that isn't complete without the presence of this saree. Paithani Silk has a long and illustrious history and culture. We'll talk about what Paithani Silk is and the numerous sorts of Paithani silk sarees in this post. 

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What Is Paithani Silk and How Does It Work? 

Paithani sarees are made by hand with the finest materials. The material is silk. Paithan is a tiny village in Maharashtra where these sarees are made. The distinct weaving process distinguishes Paithani sarees from others. The entire process is done by hand, from yarn dyeing to weaving. The Paithani saree body is woven by hand on looms, and the border and pallu weaving procedure is quite similar to tapestry weaving. 

As a result, Paithani pure silk sarees are soft and delicate. Five Types of Paithani Saree in 2022 are Paithani pure silk's themes and designs are unique. The motifs of the sarees, on the other hand, are made by interlocking and tying colorful threads to the loom's warp. In fact, even if you look at the other side of the coin, you can see the same thing. It will appear as lovely as the front side of the saree. 

You may pick from several varieties of Paithani silk sarees, including the Banarasi Paithani silk saree. Furthermore, these sarees come in a variety of colors, including red, blue, orange, green, and pink, among others. 

Paithani Sarees and Their Importance for Brides 

As previously said, no Maharashtrian wedding is complete without the presence of a Paithani silk saree. Because in Maharashtra, India, the saree is regarded as the queen of sarees. It looks a lot like the Kanchipuram saree from the south. As a result, every Maharashtrian lady should have one for momentous occasions such as festivals and weddings. Paithani sarees feature a gara as well. No threads are dangling and everything is sealed, just like stitching. As a result, it does not tangle with the bridesmaids' accessories. Another reason Maharashtrian brides like Paithani pure silk sarees is because of this.

The paithani saree is known for its one-of-a-kindness. Paithani sarees are handwoven silk sarees with a beautiful, ornate zari pallu and border. Paithani sarees are distinguished by their distinctive weaving method. The entire procedure is done by hand, from dyeing the yarn to weaving it. The saree's main body is woven by hand on looms. The pallu and border weaving techniques are related to tapestry weaving techniques. 

The saree is exceptionally silky and delicately woven. The saree's patterns and motifs are also distinctive. The designs are made by weaving the coloured threads together and binding them to the loom's warp. In reality, the saree's reverse side resembles As lovely as the front. The Five Types of Paithani Saree in 2022 unusual weaving gives the impression that the motifs have been inlaid into the fabric! Paithani sarees are classified according to their colors, weaving techniques, and theme. 

The Following are the Five Types of Paithani Saree in 2022 that you should own: 

1. Bangadi mor (Bangadi mor is a Bengali word Saree in Paithani 

Bangadi means bangle in Marathi, while mor indicates peacock. So "bangadi mor" refers to a peacock in a bangle or a peacock weaved into a bangle form. The pallu is frequently woven with the pattern. 

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2. Ekdhoti loom Saree in Paithani 

A single shuttle is used to weave the weft in the ekdhoti weave Paithani saree. The color of the warp yarn and the weft yarn are not the same. These sarees include a narali border and simple butti patterns like coins or peas! 

3. Paithani sarees in traditional colors are number three. 

Paithani sarees come in a variety of colors, but the most popular are kali chandrakala (a jet black saree with a red border), Raghu (a parrot green color), and Shirodak (a dark blue saree with a red border) (pure white). 

4. Brocade Paithani

Brocade is used on the borders of some Paithani sarees. The saree will be more costly if the brocade work is more elaborate! 

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5. Munia Brocade Paithani 

"Munia" is a Marathi word that means "parrot." Parrots are weaved on the pallu as well as the border of this type of saree. These parrots are usually green in color and are sometimes called "tota-maina"!

 These Five Types of Paithani Saree in 2022 are known as the queen of sarees in India for a reason. In truth, the Mughals, Nizams, and Marathas had embellished the 2000-year-old Indian weave for numerous years. Every Maharashtra bride dreams of wearing a gorgeous and elegant saree. Whether you're a bride-to-be or attending a Maharashtrian wedding, the Paithani saree is ideal.

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