Lehenga Sarees - An Ideal Choice for Your Wedding Day

A wedding saree or lehenga is the most significant component of wedding buying for a traditional Indian wedding because it is the new bride's main attire. Both the saree and the lehenga are important items of dress for the bride, and they are associated with a variety of religious and cultural values. However, thanks to design and style innovation, a new type of bridal attire has emerged that combines the beauty of the lehenga with the elegance of the saree, and these outfits are known as lehenga sarees. A lehenga type saree is usually 4.5 to 5.5 meters long and does not require pleating, unlike a regular saree. Simply tuck and drape the fabric. It is not only convenient, but also easy and time-saving to wear a saree. 

Features Of The Bridal Lehenga Saree Lehenga Choli 

Wedding lehenga sarees have a number of unique characteristics that make them one of the most popular bridal outfits. 

  • Lehenga style sarees are also worn over a petticoat, just like a regular saree. 
  • The exquisite lehenga sarees are combined with a beautiful choli blouse. 
  • This choli is identical to the choli worn with traditional lehengas. 
  • Stones, beads, mirrors, and zari are used to adorn the choli. 
  • Indian-Celebrity-Wedding-Sarees 
  • The choli can have a deep-neck, backless, or halter-neck style. 
  • The front pleats in a lehenga saree are replaced with embroidered panels called gotas, giving the impression of a flared form.
  • The easy-to-wear stitched and flared skirt has a side zip and is tailored to the wearer's specifications. 
  • Some sarees in the lehenga style have side hooks to assist the skirt fit securely around the waist. 
  • The pallu is draped carelessly over the shoulders, creating a dramatic impression on the wearer's look.

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How Do You Drape a Lehenga Saree?

Although the technique of wearing and draping a lehenga saree may appear to be difficult, it is actually more easier than wearing traditional full-length sarees. The first step is to put the skirt on over the petticoat and close the zipper. Then put on the choli and tie it up securely. Then, tuck the plain end of the saree into the skirt and wrap it around your waist once more, then drape it over your left shoulder like a regular saree.

The only difference between lehenga sarees and normal sarees is that lehenga sarees do not require pleats in the front. Sarees in Lehenga Choli The needlework is beautiful. Patchwork to embellished godets and embellished panels can be found in designer lehenga sarees. Bagh, Kantha, Chikan, Zardozi, Kashida, Sozni, Kasuti, and many more traditional styles of embroidery are commonly used in lehenga sarees. Bagh is a Punjabi form of embroidery that totally covers the cloth and makes the garment heavy, whereas Kashida is a Kashmiri style of embroidery that is bright and reflects classic Kashmiri themes. Metal beads, pearls, glass beads, mirrors, Kundan, dazzling stones, laces, silver and golden embroidery, and sequins are some of the decorations seen on modern lehenga sarees. Georgette, brasso, chiffon, brocade, silk, and crepe are some of the most common materials for lehenga sarees.

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What Impact Did the Lehenga Saree Have on Indian Bridal Fashion? 

The half-lehenga saree, also known as the lehenga saree, initially made its début in the fashion world in 2013 at the Lakme Fashion Week, and it grabbed the fashion world by storm right away. The lehenga saree's design had a distinct touch to it, resulting in a lovely and harmonious blend of modern fashion and traditional values. The lehenga sarees' clever and compact style created an attractive and contemporary appeal that immediately appealed with today's modern ladies, who want to display suave and minimalistic fashion that isn't flashy or over the top in any way.

The saree in the lehenga design3 can be viewed as a premade saree with a varied appeal that may be worn without much effort for weddings, religious rituals and functions, as well as parties. The lehenga saree is great for individuals who aren't familiar with the traditional saree's meticulous pleating and draping. Celebrities' Lehengas The celebs of Hollywood have made lehenga sarees popular, and Bollywood divas like Sonam Kapoor, Vidya Balan, and Dia Mirza appear to be completely enamored with the concept. In films, reality shows, promotional events, and award ceremonies, celebrities flaunt this look. Lashkaraa.com has a large range of designer lehenga sarees from which you can select your favourite. one that is a wonderful match for your own style.

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