Different Types of Most Popular South Indian Sarees - 2022

A Different Types of Most Popular South Indian Sarees - 2022 is classic fashion at its best, with rich silks, vibrant colors, complex motifs, temple borders, and heavy pallus. South Indian culture is a blend of Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam. Cultural dress in all south Indian regions is characterized by vibrant colors and superb craftsmanship.. Heavy pure gold temple-style jewelry, intricate hairstyles, employing flowers or the poolajada, and subtle but striking make-up complement a south Indian wedding saree. In her bridal gown, a south Indian woman appears to be nothing short of a Goddess.

In a south Indian wedding, a saree can be anything from a heavy kanjivram to a simple kasavu; from a royal Chettinad silk to an elegant Gadwal; from a classic Dharmavaram to a sleek Narayanpeth - the options are unlimited.

Let's take a look at Different Types of Most Popular South Indian Sarees in 2022 and diverse styles of south Indian bridal attire. There's no doubt that pattu sarees are a staple of South Indian weddings. However, choosing the ideal bridal pattu saree for your special day might be difficult, especially with so many options available. From gold pattu sarees to white pattu sarees, pattu sarees come in an array of colors, designs, themes, and textures.

These pattu bridal sarees can also be utilized as a party wear saree after the wedding! Do you have a puja at home? Wear it with pride!

Pink and Gold's Enchantment

The bride is dressed in a stunning gold and deep pink saree from South India. She has paired it with a contrasting deep green gold-work blouse that enhances the saree's brilliance. This is a traditional silk saree from Kanchipuram. Her hair is classically ornamented with flowers, and she is wearing gold and rice-pearl jewelry.

Kanjivaram in the Traditional Dark Moss Green Color

Deep moss green, an unusual bridal color, pairs beautifully with a rich golden border. The bride is dressed in a traditional saree with a matching blouse. She was adorned with heavy gold jeweler, the gold kamarbandh being the most distinctive feature. Her hairstyle of orange flowers complements the rich color of her south Indian wedding saree.

The Traditional Red Pattu Saree worn during weddings

Every culture has a bridal colour, and red is one of them. If you're a bride who wants to wear something traditional on her special day, a simple red Pattu saree with gold border is a nice option.

You can't go wrong with a rich maroon and gold saree! The bride has a simple appearance, yet her outfit exudes elegance. Her bridal appearance is distinguished by her choice of jewelry, which contrasts with her simple south Indian wedding saree and little makeup.
The one-of-a-kind bajubandh is a work of art in and of itself, but the gold coin braid chain steals the show. This bride is here to make a statement!

Gold and Blue Regal colors

With minimal jewellery, the bride wore a thick navy and golden kanjivaramsaree. A south Indian wedding saree is a good option for brides who want to go for a more modern style. In this scenario, the bride has wisely chosen lighter, more contemporary jewellery that may be worn even after the wedding day is over. Even for a pre- or post-wedding party, this appearance is appropriate.

Deep Maroon and Gold Sarees are a South Indian wedding Staple.

It's impossible to go wrong with a rich maroon and gold saree. Although the bride is dressed simply, she exudes elegance. Her bridal appearance is set distinct by her choice of jewelry, which contrasts with her simple south Indian wedding saree and little make-up. The one-of-a-kind bajubandh is a work of art in and of itself, but the gold coin braid chain really stands out. This bride is all about setting the bar high!

The Aquamarine Color Pattusarees

For her wedding, this woman also chooses an unusual hue of blue. This south Indian wedding saree in seafoam colour is wonderfully distinct and gorgeous at the same time. This one-of-a-kind bridal pattusaree is paired with stone and pearl jarowar work jewellery, adding to the look's distinctiveness.

Pastels of Elegance

If you're planning a summer wedding, you might want to avoid wearing a traditional south Indian wedding saree with bright colors. You might instead choose a saree with pastel colors. This bride is dressed in a pastel blue saree with a thick border, which she paired with a lilac blouse. Even prominent designers such as Manish Malhotra are enamored with these bridal sarees.

Orange is flaming.

Almost of Indian brides choose the colour red. However, other people believe it is overused. We recommend a south Indian wedding saree for such brides. This gold and sunset orange kanjivaram sari is a work of art. The saree has a wide gold border and gold butis throughout.

Silver and Yellow in Contrast

On a conventional framework, weavers create new colour combinations and styles every day. Wedding sarees from South India aren't any different. Every day, they change. Consider this wedding saree made entirely of silver. The bride wore it with a bright yellow embroidered blouse for a simple yet elegant appearance.

Pink and Crème

Pattusarees in off-white and white are quite traditional, and many brides prefer them to richly woven kanjivarams for their weddings. Instead of the usual red, maroon, or golden south Indian wedding saree, opt for a tussar hue pattusaree with a pink border to add some variety to the look.

A south Indian wedding saree can be worn by brides from all around India, including those from the east and west, who need to wear sarees for their weddings. All you have to do now is make sure your accessories match your saree. South Indian brides adorn their hair with flowers and wear traditional gold jewelry, generally temple-style, on their wedding day. The improper jewelry or hairstyle may not be able to bring out the beauty of a saree from South India.

South Indian wedding sarees, on the other hand, are more versatile than Benarasi sarees and can be worn at other gatherings after the wedding. They are usually lighter in weight and contain the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary components.

I hope the Different Types of Most Popular South Indian Sarees - 2022 have given you a good notion of what you can wear on your wedding day now that you've seen them. Pro tip: Before going bridal saree shopping, check out some wedding sarees online to get a sense of your preferences.

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