10 Wedding Lehenga Trends All 2022 Brides Should Know

10 Wedding Lehenga Trends All 2022 Brides Should Know for their own trends and styles year after year. Some of them stick around (like the pastel lehenga trend), while others fade away (like abandoning the dupatta) and others that have been there for a long time (like our favorite red palette) continue to thrive. Many brides opted to home marriages during the 2022 shutdown, wearing a heritage saree and taking pheras in the privacy of their own homes. That, however, did not endure long. Even during the epidemic, Indian weddings maintained their maximalist aesthetic. It only took a full-on conventional with a tinge of millennial turn, in fact. Comfortable, patterned lehengas with a voluminous cancan skirt or ornate lehengas with equally adorned dupattas were spotted on brides. During weddings in 2022, there will be lots of them. And, if our best guesses are correct, they will continue throughout the winter wedding season of 2022/ 2023, as well as the spring/ summer wedding season after that. Continue reading to learn more about the 10 Wedding Lehenga Trends All 2022 Brides Should Know.

A bridal lehenga, like the wedding, has a particular place in our hearts. Don't you think so, ladies? Gone are the days when ladies choose just reds for their fantasy wedding gowns. Fashion has changed considerably over the last several decades. The wedding is now all about playing with your stunning bridal gowns. In addition, to exhibit their particular style, new age brides are brazenly mixing and combining the colors of their lehengas. 

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1. Fabrics From the Past 

With the epidemic, Indians have put their money where their mouth is by recognising traditional Indian crafts and shopping from designers who support and promote them. This aids in the preservation and maintenance of traditional Indian weavers and craftsmen' livelihoods. Given the consumer buying curve, several designers have taken advantage of the circumstance and included hand-embroidery, benarasi, block designs, bandhani, and other traditional textiles into their collections. Anita Dongre's "An Ode To Bhuj" collection is the most recent. 

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2. Dupattas in the Cape Style 

The cape style dupatta is the newest dupatta draping trend in town. The wonderful thing about dupattas is that they not only provide a graceful touch to your lehengas and anarkalis, but the draping manner is also quite appealing the overall appearance of the ensemble The cape design is one such trendy drape that keeps the dupatta troubles at bay while giving your outfit a modern look. What better way to channel your inner Wonder Woman than this?

3. Silhouette of an Anarkali 

While some designers have developed lehengas with asymmetrical hems, tea length, and a sheer covering that gives a millennial touch, bridesmaids are sticking to the traditional anarkali silhouette for their lehenga skirt. This will be reflected in the lehengas added for the upcoming bridal season.. The flare of the anarkali in the lehenga can be heightened with cancan and umbrella cuts, However, the anarkali's general appearance will remain unchanged. 

4. Lehengas with Prints 

Brides choose the former over the latter when it comes to deciding between comfort and elegance. The same may be seen in this season's lehenga trends. From relaxed silhouettes to patterned materials, we've got you covered On a more traditional path, everything leads to a calm rather than a rage-filled conclusion. As a result, the world of printed lehengas is gaining popularity. There's a theme for every occasion (digital prints, hand block prints, and so on).. In any case, it's difficult to go wrong with the beauty and grace of a printed lehenga set.

5. Traditional Is King

Traditional is King in wedding lehengas are still popular, as is the tradition of wearing a double dupatta. Sure, brides are experimenting with lehenga trends, but when it comes to selecting an outfit for their big day, they stick to the tried and true. When you go wedding shopping, expect to find stunning red lehengas with elaborate zardozi, gota patti, embroidery, appliqué motifs, and mirror work. An odd coloured over-the-head drape or a fashionable blouse can do the trick if you want to add some fun to the outfit.

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6. Bollywood's Influence 

We can only imagine the ripple effect of their real-life wedding attire if the B-reel town's conventional style is enough to influence the clothing choices of the future generation of brides. Without a question, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, and Kartina were picture-perfect brides during their individual nuptials, and their wedding ensembles have left an indelible mark. There are a variety of ways women are infusing Bollywood trends into their weddings, such as Deepika's sada saubhagyavati bhava dupatta or drawing influence from their complete wardrobe, such as Anushka's pastel lehenga with delicate embroidery. If you're still fawning over their bridal outfits, a wedding outfit inspired by them is a great option. Some of our favorite B'wood actresses.

7. Lehenga With a Simple Design 

While ruffles gained popularity as a lehenga style, it faded quickly, and brides returned to their customary neat, routine lehenga trimming. Tea-length lehengas, sheer overlays over designs, and other trends are still there, but the traditional lehenga style with an A-line flare that reaches the floor reigns dominant. Brides seldom prefer to experiment on their wedding day. When we think about it, we can't think of anyone who hasn't worn a gorgeous lehenga on their wedding day (think ruffles, a low-cut skirt, or a layered skirt). If you want to wear a unique take on our traditional lehenga, do so during one of your other wedding events, such as a mehendi or a reception cocktail. It's the most effective approach to get a feel for the waters while being safe.

8. Colors You Wouldn't Expect 

There is no in-between for brides who choose a conventional blood red or a color that is entirely out of the box. Rimple & Harpreet and Payal Keyal are two designers that have done outstanding work in meeting the bride's expectations. They are not only blending colors creatively, but also giving the bridal lehenga a regal designer touch. If you've had enough of neutrals, reds, and pastels, the rainbow is your limit as wedding season approaches.

9. Love Dupatta 

Brides have been spotted abandoning dupattas entirely or attaching them to their blouses for a fuss-free style in recent wedding seasons. This season's weddings, as well as the ones to come, will offer a stark contrast to this passing vogue. Brides will love embroidered, demure, traditional weaves, and dupattas will be one of the primary lehengas styles for 2022 brides. In fact, draping dupattas in the shape of a shawl or made of velvet fabric might be a clever way to keep you warm at the upcoming winter weddings. Expect to see a plethora of dupatta types, and attempt to blend them into your outfit for a classic yet fashionable appearance.

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10. In Terms of Lehenga Fashion, the Maximalist Reigns Supreme

The minimalist style has never applied to Indian brides and will never apply to them. The wedding guest list has dropped, and the decor and theme have been humbled as a result of the epidemic, but the lehengas are all about displaying Indian culture's minimalist elegance. There's nothing simple about an Indian lehenga, whether it's the vibrant color palette, the exquisite decorations, or the ball gown designs. Even the lehenga blouses are designed to exude elegance. Ruffled sleeves, long net sleeves, a stylishly attractive blouse back, and scalloped hems are all popular in bridal dress. If you want a more simple look, we recommend This 10 Wedding Lehenga Trends All 2022 Brides Should Know avoiding jewelry and cosmetics, and opting for lehengas instead Designed to get the most heads turning in the room.

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